Three fixed RPMs for FSUE «Atomflot» (project #741)

Tender posted
Update - "Corrigendum No. 1" (#13) has been added. This affects three documents: "Invitation to Tender" (#2), "Annex Specifications" (#4), and "Annex Tentative Contract" (#12). All other documents remain unchanged. 
Update - "Addendum No. 1" (#14) and "Addendum No. 2" (#15) have been added. The deadline for submission of tenders has been extended to January 29, 2016, 12.00 Oslo time (CET).
2016-01-29, 12.00 noon Oslo time (CET)
Tender closed
YAFI – Nuclear Physics Research Scientific Engineering Center (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) was awarded the contract
Project Background

Nordisk Sikkerhet AS announces the opening of the tender for the turnkey supply of three fixed radiation portal monitors (RPMs)  and training of the FSUE “Atomflot” personnel, North-West Russia.

This tender and all related documents has been posted on Doffin (#2015-143658) and EU Tenders Electronic Daily (#2015/S 250-459708).

All up-to-date tender related documents are available for download below: